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Corporate Headshots

pic of headshot corporate photograph

Corporate photography is essential in a modern business environment, and we all know Irish business is firmly based on personal relationships. The headshot is the bread and butter of this representation.

Brighter eyes, whiter teeth, wider smiles, tidier hair will all help increase the perception of the subject as professional, competent and happy with their business.
You can trust our professional corporate photographers to deliver strong business portraits that get noticed.

Whether it’s for a business website, brochure, poster or advert, our cutting edge corporate photography services can give that groomed and professional edge to your client’s appearance.


Company Pricing (2+ people):                           €99 plus €20 per pic (retouched high-res jpgs).

Sole Trader & Single Employee Pricing:          €99 inc 3 pictures (retouched high-res jpgs).

Corporate Portraits Dublin

Its not all studio based work however, we frequently travel to client offices bringing along a portable lighting kit and backdrops. Depending on the architecture and interior decoration of the client’s premises, we can shoot naturally using the existing location supplemented by a little fill flash to create corporate portraits that aren’t just technically perfect but also get across a flavour of the business character or branding.

Dealing with many different sized companies means that a scalable price structure is essential. We break our fees down into shoot time (half day or day) and by the number of images selected (retouching takes time).

Fees €300 half day or €600 full day of shooting-

Plus €20e per image for first 25 selected, thereafter €10 each.