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It is no longer just about providing value to the customer.

It is the end user experience that determines if a site visitor will feel a connection to a brand/ product/ service provider.

Without this ‘connection’ which may take place beneath the cognitive level, at an emotional or aspirational level, then your product or service will always struggle to stand out from the competition. Well thought out, and professionally executed video offers you the ability to demonstrate your USP and simultaneously create a connection between your brand and your target market.

Video can be used to create effective product demonstrations, which are ideal ways to showcase the features of a product, and explain the advantages it offers in a easily digestible way. Watch the video above above to see a simple example of this.

Media organisations use video content to create engagement with their audience, by sharing interesting elements and activities. Take a look behind the scenes of a recent fashion shoot for IMAGE Magazine that took place here.

Any business can utilise the power of video to inform and create an impression much more potent that is possible with just text and pictures alone. This video shows a commercial casting for Dublin model agency Principal Models.

Our creative team is supplemented for certain projects by a talented crew that includes videographer Ana Lorenz. Ana worked with us to produce this short yet effective video for Ireland’s only Fashion Sampling and CMT facility The Fashion Hothouse.

We also provide greenscreen video production services, so you can get a step ahead of your competition and feature highly professional video contributions that will help evidence your business’s USP while incorporating elements of your brand identity in the background.

We have two HD video cameras, and an 8 meter greenscreen facility allowing us produce full-length key effects for your video production requirements. We can also create webinars, internet training videos, online tutorials and podcasts.

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