Product Photography Dublin

Product Photography Dublin


Peter Love provides high quality product imagery to a range of businesses across multiple industry sectors. The Product Gallery to the right, contains a sample of his work.

In an age with HD video and retina displays on phones, poor quality product photography likely equals a poor quality product in many people’s minds. If you are to deliver a persuasive message as to why your product is worthy of purchasing, then you need the high quality imagery from a professional product photographer to support your case.

product photography for website and print

We understand this and provide high quality product photography services to suit your budget.

We undertake product photography for large multiples like Heatons, Hickeys, for diamond setters, for e-tailers, for catalogue sales and more, delivering traditional product photographs on a white background, or with a hand drawn clipping path, or styled and branded- whatever way you want it.

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Product photography is primarily a technical exercise, and one that requires patience and as well as a considerable time in post production. A wide variety of equipment is necessary, from macro lenses, to lightboxes, from tilt-and-shift lenses to latex gloves, from headless white mannequins to tethered computers, from scrims to gobos….

With our macro photography equipment we can create clean, noiseless, high resolution images of the smallest jewelry and gemstones.
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Product Cut Outs:

image cut out - product photography dublin

The de-facto standard, and favourite of journalists and editors everywhere, the product cut out is an essential element in any product launch. Shot against white, with a hand-drawn clipping path around it, the product cut out is essential for fashion and FMCG photography.

Wine, clothes, jewellery, textiles, toys, furniture, bicycles, flowers, food and beauty products have all had their moment in front of our studio lights.

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Styled Product Photography

photo of beauty product in dublin product photography studio

Complementing the clean lines and simplicity of the product cut out, is the styled product shot.

Composed in an creative manner, the styled product shot is designed to carry an impression beyond that of the product itself, in a way that supports the brand identity while simultaneously conveying an air of desirability. A lot to achieve in one photograph.

Prices from 150e per product

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Product Photography
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Product Photography
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