Covid19 has reshaped the production environment, and we at The Mill Studios are responding to these changes by doubling down on our remote production capabilities.

By collaborating with remote directors based in the UK and the USA, we ensure that the production execution remains true to the original creative intent.

keeping it simple

Remote Production Kit - Based around the Atem Mini Pro video mixer (4 inputs) with feeds from CamA (CamB & CamC if needed) and a birds eye view of the studio. We can feed this into your Zoom meeting and also to a private live stream (better sound and image quality but ~10 sec delay). In addition we place a comfort monitor for the talent so he/she can have a conversation with the remote production team.


Our Producer/ DOP will oversee all elements, Cam & Sound Ops will operate recording equipment while the PA/ vision mixer ensures the overseas Director is always in control.

4k 10 bit, 4:4:2

Recording on Arri Alexa to Panasonic GH5S - we can provide a camera that suits your production. We can light the set/ greenscreen in advance to the client's specification. Optional extras include teleprompter and a make up artist.


We upload via so whether you want the rushes or an edit, we can provide them in the format of your choice.

Our in-house Covid compliance officer ensures all necessary forms are completed for contact tracing purposes and temperatures are taken upon arrival.

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